miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Abarth 500 Roadster (some sketches)

Hey, this time with a little, fast and fun exercise at work. At the studio, we had the pleasure of having two very talented interns from the "Politecnico di Milano", so as a part of the training, we made a team to make this little guy that you seen on the pictures, we began obviously from the base of the popular 500, and we decide to prepare it for the summer!!! so in a very few weeks we sketch some ideas and they build the whole Alias model. For me it was interesting how to manage the time between other as well very important projects inside of the office. I must say, it was a quick exercise to be done in the short period of time and it was very important to respect the feasibility of the car, in case of a client ;).

2 comentarios:

  1. Hey! están buenísimos tus dibujos. Estoy contemplando entrar a la maestria de transporte al politecnico di milano.. tú cómo ves? lo recomiendas?

  2. Que tal! sí claro, si tienes algunas bases, te la recomiendo...si tienes algunas dudas, envíame un correo. Saludos.